Friday, October 26, 2018

My brother called me the other day and told me he is encouraging my 87 year old Mom to have laser surgery. So I looked into it. It looks like the surgery is a breeze. The only discomfort would be the machine and pressure and it sounds like there is really no way for a mistake to be made as it is pretty much done by a computer that will shut down before it makes a error. Recovery at worse sounds like some burning in the eyes for just a few hours but they give you medicine to sleep and you can sleep it off. All I read is reading glasses so I am not a candidate for the surgery. My husband and I actually both have the same prescription which is great in a pinch we can share glasses. All said depending on your bravery level it may be a good opinion for seniors.

Here is Mom holding my older brother and one of my older sisters.

( I am not in any of the pictures Mom had 7 children and I came along later ;) 

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